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FMDiff Is A FileMaker® Pro Developer Tool

It's a "First of its Kind" application to

FMDiff Compares FileMaker Pro Files And Lists Differences  ^ 

If your solution suddenly exhibits strange behaviour, how do you find out what happened to the files? How much time would you have to invest to find out? Would it be possible at all?

With FMDiff the basic test is done within minutes. Simply compare your backup or "Good Clone" against the solution. You immediately learn whether anything has changed and where, either due to human, hardware, or software error.

FMDiff compares your current solution against a previous one and reports the differences. For the first time it is now possible to verify that the internal file structure (tables, fields, relations, etc.) is the same as at the time of delivery. This is especially important for sensitive areas like accounting or healthcare. FMDiff is able to read FileMaker files of type .fp3, .fp5, .fp7, and .fmp12. Files of the same type can be compared against each other. This includes FileMaker Pro 13 files.

You are able to document the progress in development or unauthorised modifications by someone else.

You even may compare files in environments where the original configuration does not exist, like ODBC, JDBC, ESS, or devices (camera) are not connected.

FMDiff Unveils The Recover Count And The Original Creation Timestamp  ^ 

Has this file ever been Recovered? How many times? This is very important to judge about the quality and sanity of a solution.

When was the file originally created? Every file stores an internal time stamp that does never change when a file is Cloned, Recovered or Copied. This time stamp serves to identify "an original" and is a means to prove ownership.

FMDiff Lists System and FileMaker Versions Used With The File  ^ 

How many times and with what platforms, system versions, FileMaker Pro or Server versions has a file ever been run? This helps to track down version related errors.

Apparently the current release of FileMaker 13 does no longer store this information.

FMDiff Tests For Damages  ^ 

FMDiff knows whether your FileMaker Pro files are still intact. While comparing it checks the file's structure to be "well-formed". The licensed version of FMDiff even performs additional tests for ascending IDs and correct block lengths. This is something that even the native FileMaker Recover command does not always straighten out, which may lead to subsequent malfunctions or crashes.

The combination of keeping a good copy (one that never crashed) and using FMDiff to compare it against the installed solution can be considered the best possible security measure.

Who Needs FMDiff?  ^ 

The short answer is: anyone who is in charge of ordering, developing, hosting, maintaining, or auditing FileMaker solutions will need FMDiff. These include

FMDiff serves to document an ongoing solution development. At one and the same time the programmer and the customer have a means to prove and inspect the progress at regular intervals. It shows the exact number of changes that were applied to specific sections within the structure.

Download the FMDiff Community Edition free of charge

Download FMDiff for your platform. It comes as free FMDiff Community Edition which shows the first 5 differences of every section, the rest is listed 'anonymously' i. e. all names and IDs are shown as asterisks (*). It can be upgraded to FMDiff Standard by purchasing a license number from within the application or at our web store. You need an internet connection and a credit card.


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